The Zen Hoff Journey

Three years ago I was engaged, overweight, heavy drinker, smoker, and addicted to gambling. This life all fell apart when I told my fiance that I cheated on her as well confessing to my other unskillful actions. The next day she left me and I found myself alone and in the worst emotional pain of my life. Through the process of reevaluating my whole life through mindfulness and meditation I learned so much about myself. 

Soon I was healthy again and had new Zen habits like meditation, mindfulness, and I started loving myself again. I thought I was cured so I slowly went back to my old lifestyle time and time again. I had to relearn the same lesson over these next three years. 

Flash forward to now and I’m on Maui trying to live a simple, authentic, and healthy lifestyle. Simple is not easy but its worth it. Authentic living is living in line with your values. Healthy is providing your body/mind/spirit the nutrients it needs to thrive. These are all connected though. This blog is my attempt to share my journey to help others live a more meaningful life.