The Path of the Peaceful Warrior.

The path of the peaceful warrior is one of infinite strength. The power of love, compassion, and understanding knows no bounds. The human heart has an infinite amount of compassion to give to oneself and the world.

We mistake physical strength for emotional strength. Peace, compassion, and love are much stronger than war, apathy, and hatred. The peaceful warrior has both physical strengths through a healthy diet and exercise while showing compassion for all living beings. When someone is in a state of rage, they are weak. They are allowing outside influences affect their inner state of being. They are so scared at that moment, that they must react with violence to protect themselves. Hatred towards another is fear-based. Compassion, on the other hand, is love-based. It is strong, confident, and relaxed. There is no fear or worry in true compassion, only love. I share with you The Art of Peace. It goes against everything we were taught in a culture based in The Art of War, which glorifies and justifies a war of any kind. The Art of War believes war is inevitable truth in life. They are correct, if you believe war is inevitable, there will be war. If you believe in The Art of Peace, there will be a chance for peace. I don’t try to disprove The Art of War but to show others that there is another path. The path of the peaceful warrior.

Every dictator that has ever existed was a weak, fearful, and insecure human. Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini were so scared and hurt inside that they must do anything to hurt others and protect themselves. A strong leader does not need to hurt others to validate their power. A strong leader is compassionate, loving, and understanding to all. It’s only the weak that are cruel. Compassion, love, and peace are strong qualities found in all humans. Our misconceptions, history, and beliefs shadow our true nature of love and compassion. It is also true that we are all born with the seeds of fear, apathy, hatred, compassion, love, and peace. These seeds are watered by our actions. If we choose to show compassion, it will grow. If we choose to show hatred, it will grow. Hitler & Gandhi were mere men, who chose different paths in life through their circumstances and choose to water different seeds.

The path of the peaceful warrior is one of infinite strength. We have to honor the darker side of our being but listen to the lighter side. We have to honor the hatred inside ourselves but listen to the love. To show compassion to all living beings, we must start by showing true compassion to ourselves. We must understand and show compassion to those who show hate in their hearts. They need our compassion. If we hate them, they will never see the love. If we hate them, we become hateful in the process. They need to be shown a different path. The path of the peaceful warrior, which at its core is Aikido, which translates to The Art of Peace. We must see our enemy as part of us, so to hurt them, would be hurting oneself. When attacked, we want to subdue them without harming them. This can be used physically through the practice of Aikido martial arts. The more practical use of The Art of Peace is through our language and actions in the world. In The Art of Peace, we choose compassion, understanding, and forgiveness as our weapons in battle. We choose humility, oneness, and love as ways to subdue our enemy. We know that they are not our true enemy; they are just misunderstood, hurt, and fearful humans. They need to be shown the path of peace so that they can transform and awaken to their Buddha nature. Buddha nature is a place of deep peace, compassion, and understanding which all humans have the potential to remember. If we don’t show them compassion, we allow their hate to transform us into a hateful human being.

Strictly speaking, there is no such thing as peaceful beings, only peaceful activities.

With Peace,

Johnny Hoffman


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